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Ann Singer is a 25 year old Namibian artist/Singer/Song writer/Radio presenter and student radiographer.
Born in the Northern part of Namibia in 1991 on the 21st of August , Ann Singer real name Annastasia Linus attended both her pre-primary, Primary school and High school in the capital City of Namibia Windhoek were she was raised and is currently a final year Radiography student at the National Health Training Center and was also a radio presenter at Unam radio and at Energy 100 were she hosts the Local attack show every Saturday from 18h00 to 20h00 in the year 2015 for about 8 months.

My hobbies are reading, writing and traveling and I also love to socialize with people. My musical journey began at a very young age from singing in church and at home, I grew up listening to a lot of music especially the likes of West Life, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. In 2007 when I was in grade 10 I was introduced to Bertholdt a local RnB Namibian artist who mentored, coached and gave me voice training, he took me to a couple of his shows were we performed together and were I sometimes did backup vocals for him. My love for music then grew and I started visiting various studios around Windhoek so that I could start recording my own music.

I took a break from music for the next 2 years to focus on school and to finish matric which I later did in 2009 but during that time I did backup vocals for a few local artists. Later on in 2013 I met Lize Ehlers who is also a local artist and the founder of a musical show called Song Night which aims at helping, grooming and teaching amateur Namibian musicians about live performances and performing with a live band in front of a huge crowd, I auditioned and made it through and have been performing on song night for the past two years since 2013 almost every month up until 2014, Song Night has helped me grow in terms of stage confidence, stage presence and performance, it has also taught me about how important live performance is.

I have since met Zenzo from The Power of One Acapella group and performed together at an acoustic night at Hilton Hotel at the Kalabar in February 2015,in March 2015 on the 20th I performed at The Protea Hotel for the handover of bursaries to Health students were I shared the stage with Esme ,In April I went on to have my own live show at Jo Jos music and arts café and later in May I was invited to the same place to perform at the Writers night were I shared the stage with the likes of Shawn k, Zenzo and Slicka, in June I performed at the Hilton Hotel for the Namjams concert, in the same month on the 9th I was in Rehoboth at Rehoboth High school performing for the unti-bulling campaign for the ministry of education on a song we did for them with Mappz and Slicka and also shared the stage with Savannah Afros and then again in the same month I performed at the independence arena for the ministry of educations health awareness week, on the 31st of July I got to perform at the Warehouse theater for the Miss face of Windhoek beauty pageant and then went on to perform on the 12th of August at the Polytechnic of Namibia’s 2015 cultural festival which was a live performance and went on to do many more Namjam performances at the Hilton Hotel and also at the Hope village for the commemoration of the world Aids day.

In 2013 I auditioned for Trustcos Road to Fame competition were I got my Golden ticket and I made it to the final round but couldn’t complete due to unforeseen circumstances, I would like to work with more Namibian artist and also international artist so that I can broaden myself and learn more from them, I would also love to perform some more and gain more experience.

In 2014 I then went on to record my very first studio single called Mbwiti Dance, which I have since launched in 2015 on local radio stations, Unam Radio, Base FM, National Radio English and Oshiherero stations respectively and also on Energy 100 and all local radio stations.

I later met Antonio earlier in 2015 who became my manager and I went on to finish my first 14 tracked studio album entitled Bulletproof, which I worked on for almost 7 months and was released the same year in early November, were I worked with Arraffath, Glo and Taz as my producers and featured Bertholdt and Arraffath on two songs and also went on to shoot the video for the album entitled song Bulletproof. In the same year I entered for The Namibian Annual Music Award (NAMA AWARDs) and I got nominated for 5 categories, Best Newcomer, Best Rnb, Best Afro Pop, Album of the year and Female Artist of the year,of which I won 4 of the awards in April 2016, Best Newcomer, Best RNB, Best afro pop and Album of the year respectively at which I also performed on the same night of winning,in 2015 I also did a caver of Adele’s song titled hello and shot a video for it that is available in YouTube.

Ever since 2015 I have been performing at The Hilton Hotel’s Kalar Bar for the NamJam sessions up to date, on the 1st of April 16 I performed at The International University of Management for their Miss face of IUM beauty pageant event,on the 5th of May 16 I performed I n Swakopmound at Moonlandscape for a group of Italian tourist that visited Namibia at the time for their incentive ceremony, on the 10th of June 16 I performed at the Safari Hotel for the R4R (Right for Respect) event hosted by The First lady of the Republic of Namibia and Derek Watts for an event in the fight against Gender Based Violence, on the 30th of July 16 I performed in Ongwediva for the Annual Ongwediva Trade Fair Gala Dinner and on the 5th of August 16 at the Zoo Park for Miss and Mr IUM (International University of Managment), I also performed at the Republic of Namibia’s Presidents birthday at his home on the 6th of August 16, on the 9th of August 16 I went on to perform at The University of science and Technologies cultural festival on their live band night, on the 2nd of September 16 I performed at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fairs Miss Ongwediva Trade Fair in Ongwediva which is in the northern part of Namibia, on he 9th of September 16 I went on to perform at Th Franco Namibia Cultural Center (FNCC) foe their slam poetry event were I was also a facilitator for the children that performed and shared my experience’s with them and were I was also a music facilitator, I was also invited to be a part of the disability Awerness event that took place at The University Of Namibia on the 15th of September 16 which was aimed at rooting out discrimination against people with disabilities, on the 10th of October I performed at The ICT (Ministry of information and technology) for their gala dinner for their national ICT summit, on the 20th of October 16 I performed at The Safari Hotel for The Annual Namibian Manufacturers Awards were I also found myself walking away with an award of appreciation, on the 1st of November I went on to perform at the Miss Copper Festival in Tsumeb and later on , on the 5th of November at the Annual Copper Festival in the same town, nights on the 28th and 31st of November 16 I went on to perform at The Dome in Swakopmound for the Ministry of Health Hiv/Aids awareness week respectively, on the 1st of December 16 I performed at The Namibia Training Authorities annual Hiv/Aids day commemoration event, on the 24th and the 25th I went on to do my final shows for the year 2016 at The Hilton Hotel at The Ekipa restaurant for their Christmas addition.

I hope to get to where I desire to be in my musical journey, I would like to push myself, get out of my comfort zone and became a household name in Namibia and beyond the continent and ofcause the world.
Currently I am a student, a radio presenter and doing music at the same time, I believe that with the right attitude one can achieve anything. I will continue to push so that I may became one of the most celebrated female vocalists and fulfill all my dreams.

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